Feed Bins

Meridian Feed Bins

Meridian's smooth-wall Feed bins

Meridian's smooth-wall Feed bins are designed with feed quality and management in mind. The advantage of smooth-wall is especially evident when storing bulk feed. Smooth cone and side wall surfaces, without bolts or ribs, a steep bottom cone of 55° or 60°, as well as our exclusive high slip factor powder coating, ensures no feed hang ups and entrapments, thus reducing spoilage and unnecessary expenses. A Meridian Feed Bin is your best choice to ensure feed quality and feed management.

BROCK® ALL-OUT® Feed Bin System

BROCK® ALL-OUT® Feed Bin System

BROCK® Feed Bins offer a number of product design differences that offer users a benefit that is more than just convenience. Many of these innovative features were invented by Brock and are not found on competing feed bins.

Brock product features include:

  • SPRING-LOCK® Lid provides a positive, spring-aided closing action, yet is easy to open with one hand.
  • 40° Roof matches the natural incline angle of repose for stored feed to maximize usable feed storage capacity.
  • HYDROSHIELD® Weather Guard directs moisture to drip off the bin’s sidewall and keeps it off the bin’s hopper and boot.
  • ACCESS PLUS® Hopper Access Door permits easy clean out of the bin from the ground. The door retrofits into previous Brock and Chore-Time feed bin models too.
  • Digital WEIGH-MATIC® Scale System uses temperature-compensated load cells to give highly accurate weights for feed stored in individual feed bins.
  • Automatic boot slide actuator system automatically closes boot slide shut off on empty bin while opening second bin in tandem systems. Manual actuator is also available.

The advantages offered by these Brock product features include:

  • SPRING-LOCK® Lid resists wind and keeps out snow and rain. When open, the lid slides down and out of the way of feed truck’s auger.
  • SPRING-LOCK Lid and ACCESS PLUS® Door aid in biosecurity by allowing remote bin opener location and by easing cleaning chores.
  • HYDROSHIELD® Guard results in less water on bin hopper and boot.
  • Automatic boot slide actuator on a tandem feed bin system helps keep birds or animals from missing a feeding.