Grain Bin Accessories


BROCK SHUR-STEP® Grain Bin Stairs BROCK SHUR-STEP® Grain Bin Stairs

Add the Convenience of a Stairway to Your Commercial Storage Bins

Would you like to be able to check the condition of stored grain and accessing roof-top mounted equipment without climbing a ladder? Now you can have the convenience and advantages of a stairs on your grain bin with the BROCK SHUR-STEP® Bin Stairs.

Manufactured from tough, galvanized steel, the BROCK SHUR-STEP Stairway’s features include:

  • Wide, sturdy steps.
  • Raised perforations forming a non-skid surface.
  • Conforms to OSHA standards.
  • Are fabricated from tough, galvanized steel for long-lasting service.
  • Follows the wall contour of the bin.
  • Can be installed while the bin is being erected or added later.
  • Stairs can be mounted to go either to the right or left around the bin.
  • Stairs may be located to serve more than one bin.
  • Fits all BROCK® Farm and Commercial Bins.
  • Also fits many other grain bins (15-foot/4.6-m diameter or greater) having 9-3/8-inch (238-mm) horizontal bolt spacing and 32-inch (813-mm) ring width.

BROCK SHUR-STEP Bin Stairs – another reason more people are making their next bin Brock!

BROCK® On-Farm Grain Spreaders

BROCK® On-Farm Grain Bin Spreaders

Spread Grain for Optimum Drying and Aeration Uniformity

Brock’s Grain Spreader can to evenly distribute grain as the bin is filled for optimum drying and uniform aeration. BROCK® Spreaders are available for bins up to 60 feet (18.3 m) in diameter and with a capacity of up to 6,000 bushels per hour (152 metric tons per hour).

Brock spreader features include:

  • Totally-enclosed C-face motor is mounted directly to an in-line gear reducer for no loss of horsepower and no belts to maintain or replace.
  • Wear plate on motor end protects motor in grain flow.
  • Spreader impellers can be adjusted to match the grain throw distance to the bin’s diameter.
  • Adjustable hanging brackets allow a wide range of hanging heights and fill hole diameters.
  • Galvanized steel construction for durability and low maintenance.
  • Optional centering cone and flow guides are used in systems with a flow rate of less than 2,000 bushels per hour.

Brock Aeration Floor with Parthenon Supports

Brock's award-winning combination of the TRI-CORR Bin Floor and its PARTHENON Floor Support System provides a super-strong tool for bin aeration tasks on the farm.

The revolutionary design of Brock’s unique TRI-CORR Bin Aeration Flooring System gives it remarkable strength. Plus, it includes the best features of Brock’s popular aeration floors to provide ample, even air distribution and to allow easy bin clean-out.